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Best DC Inverter AC in Pakistan – Guide Never Seen Before

Are you Looking for Best Inverter Ac in Pakistan Then your are in right place. We all Know Summers are the right time to upgrade the air conditioning appliances at your home and offices. You must have heard of DC inverters, but some three to five years ago, they came up as separate equipment for controlling the current and voltage flow in your Air conditioning units.

Buying an inverter air conditioner can benefit you in several ways. Before finding out the benefits, one must acquaint himself with the differences between an Inverter and a non-inverter AC.

Best DC Inverter AC in Pakistan Latest

As we are considering the buyer’s point of view; thus, the best way to explain the difference is with their worth. A non-inverter AC will cost you as much as an inverter. Why is that so? It is because of the controlled and unrollable energy supply as inverter AC will consume 30 to 50% less energy than a non-inverter. Thus, you can save a lot on your electricity bills.

In the case of an inverter AC the energy consumption would be under check, while in the case of non-inverter AC, the consumers will have to pay more in terms of stabilizers and bills. An inverter AC is always better than the non-inverters, for the former offer more versatility with advanced options.

Lastly, it is not always about the price, but the reliability. Inverter AC is more reliable with longer lifespans, as the abrupt changes in voltage would not disrupt the working of your AC. In essence, inverter AC is a long-term investment.

Top-Rated Inverter AC in Pakistan

  1. Gree Inverter AC
  2. Haier Inverter AC
  3. Changhong DC Intverter AC
  4. Kenwood Inverter AC
  5. Pel Inverter AC
  6. Orient Inverter AC
  7. Flower Inverter AC
  8. TCL Inverter AC
  9. Dawlance Inverter AC
  10. Panasonic Inverter AC

1. Best Inverter AC : Gree Inverter AC 

Gree Inverter AC - Best AC in Pakistan


This 1.5 Ton AC is best in terms of reducing energy consumption. I would suggest it for offices because there you need to install more than one AC unit. It would reduce the electricity bill by 60%, which is a massive opportunity for those who want to start a lavish office in an affordable budget.

Another fantastic feature is the long-distance air throw; it does not matter if you have fixed your office chairs far from the units. The Gree AC will make sure that each corner gets the fresh air.

In a nutshell, this AC is affordable, energy-saving, easy installing, with Eco-friendly gas. As far as a few drawbacks are concerned, they are not of any significance as compared to the benefits of this fantastic AC unit.

2. Best Bugdet Friendly Inverter AC: Haier

Haier 1 Ton Triple Inverter AC in Pakistan

If you are living in a temperate region where the usual temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, then Haier has got a 46 degrees full BTU AC for you. The best part about this AC is it’s one-touch clean.

Thus, if you want a clean and eco-friendly environment for your baby, then do have a look. Let us count the exotic features first, it has got a 3M filter, turbo cooling, free installation, 60% energy efficiency, and the Anti-corrosion body.

It means that once you have got this AC unit, you should not worry about buying a new one as it will work in the long run. Secondly, the air will be as fresh as the morning breeze, and all this would be available in the most affordable price range.

3. Best Split Invter AC : Changhong

ChangHong Ruba Inverter AC in pakistan

It can be praised as an all in one pro AC. It will work even on the hottest day as the BTUs for this AC unit are exceptional. It is a pro that can auto-clean, auto start, work in every season, and work on a broader voltage range. It indirectly means that monsoon and rough weather conditions are not a threat to your AC unit.

If I have to buy an AC for my living area or halls, this will be the one. As it has got a longer cold air throw, that is approximately 40ft. Lastly, the exceedingly good part is the copper connecting pipe system, making the entire cooling system safe, non-corrosive, and unpollutable.

4. Kenwood Inverter AC : Best Engery Efficient AC

Kenwood Inverter AC in Pakistan

Are you tired of keeping an eye on your Kid’s AC? Now you do not need to, as Kenwood has brought you an ESMARRT air conditioner. It is indeed a smart and robust innovation for intelligent people.  A simple application will help you to control the working of your smart ac from anywhere in the world.

You must be thinking that such an amazing smart system would be expensive, but guess what? Surprise, it is highly affordable with the same price range as the non-smart ac. It is an all in one package; you do not need a stabilizer once you have got this advanced AC it comes with all the required accessories.

Another thing that every buyer will consider is the air throw will be an essential issue. Kenwood ACs are apt in it, designed with a 4D throw. All these fantastic features undoubtedly make the Kenwood Inverter AC a reliable choice.

5. PEL Inverter AC

PEL InverterOn FIT Chrome Air Conditioner in Pakistan

With a 1year PCB kit warranty, the PEL inverter has proved itself one of the best inverter AC. It has a 4D air throw with copper pipes and PVC external pipes. The copper pipes will ensure energy saving. Moreover, these copper pipes are non-flammable, which means that fluctuating voltages will no longer be a risk.

With its heating WW rated current flow, you can also use this air conditioning unit for your chilled nights in winter. You can rate this inverter AC as one of the best, as it will reduce almost 60 percent of power consumption. The auto-clean filters would keep the copper pipes open throughout the year, and all these minimal features will strike a significant impact on your electricity bill.

6. Orient Inverter AC

Orient DC Inverter AC in Pakistan

After buying an orient inverter AC there will be no corrosive evaporators and condensers. This inverter AC has gold fin evaporators, to make sure that the refrigerant proves to be better than harm. Moreover, the eco-friendly refrigerant would keep the environment fresh as long as the AC unit is working.

The best thing about Orient inverter AC is the three years compressor warranty. If you are a native Pakistani buyer, then you must have heard about the issues of AC compressors. Orient inverter AC compressors come with a 3-year warranty along with consumer support and repair services.

Among all the inbuilt Wi-Fi smart Air conditioner, the orient inverter AC is the most affordable one. Moreover, you will not need to pay much for its installation. However, if in case there are some other technical issues, then you might need to spend a few more bucks. Overall, it is worth buying inverter AC with all the robust features.

7. Flower Inverter AC : Best Cheapest AC

Flower Inverter AC in Pakistan

This company might not have given the most electricity products, but when it comes to AC, especially for commercial purposes, you can count on them like one-two, three. This article will perfectly lower down the temperature even at 50 degrees. Along with it the longer air-throw reinforces the cooling capacity by manifolds, and the ultimate energy-saving feature would not affect your pocket much.

In Pakistan, lower voltages have become a norm, and many AC consumers, feel it as a threat to their appliances. With Flower inverter AC, you can have the cool breeze even at 150V. Another fantastic feature is the 100% copper pipes.  It is a reliable, suitable for vast areas, energy-efficient unit. Not only this, but it also offers a safe environment as its non-flammable and non-corrosive AC. That can work in the long run without any technical issues.

8. TCL DC Inverter AC

TCL Inverter AC in Pakistan

Imagine an AC with five fan speed, would not that be amazing? The TCL is that heavenly air conditioning article. It gives you faster and smoother cooling, and it will hardly take 30 minutes for decreasing a 50-degree Celsius temperature to 20 degrees. With TCL inverter AC you do not need to clean the filters after every few days. It has auto-clean systems to purify the filters after every few days.

It is a two-way, heating, and air conditioning system. It can be your go-to temperature balancing appliance for both winters and summers. It is not only an affordable AC, but it will also help you reduce your electricity bill by up to 66 percent.

Unlike other AC units, it has a power-saving economical mode that will lower energy consumption, ultimately affecting the figures on your utility bills.  Another unique feature is its various cooling and heating styles.

Sometimes, the direct airflow can be annoying; you can change the fan direction to shower or blanket style for your convenience. In short, the TCL inverter Air conditioner is a fantastic option for making your place a cozy hub in summers and a fresh spot in winters.

9. Dawlance Inverter AC Econo Plus

Dawlance Inverter AC in Pakistan

Those living in humid regions must be worrying about the fungal growth in their air conditioners. If they have bought the Dawlance inverter AC Econo Plus, they are safe from any such annoyance. The Dawlance inverter AC is far more reliable than others as they have the anti-F feature for blocking out the fungus growth in the copper pipes.

It is a complete package that has all the essential accessories with it. Not only this, but the compressor also comes with a 12-year warranty. Now, the summer electricity bills are no more an issue, as you can save up to 30,000 a year. With its typhoon air technology, this air conditioner will work as an excellent pro in temperate regions, such as in the south.

10. Panasonic inverter AC : Best Affordable AC

Panasonic inverter AC in Pakistan

Like all other advanced air conditioning systems, Panasonic inverter AC is not only a cooling unit but also works quite well even in winters. However, it does not work like the regular inverter AC, as its voltage suitability range is quite broad. You can make it work even at as low as 150V and as high as 265 volts.

This AC is suitable for cubicle rooms, as it has got a 12000BTU. It does not mean that you should not have this in a larger place, but as far as its energy efficiency is concerned, it will not disappoint you. It has got the T3 inverter technology, which means that the compressor will work in varying capacities, thus ensuring the system’s energy efficiency. You can rely on this article if you want a reliable Air conditioner in the long run.


With every passing year, we are getting closer to the norm of buying DC inverter ACs. Undoubtedly, they are the most energy-efficient air conditioning appliances. Still, there are a lot of things that need to be considered.

Firstly, a buyer must keep in mind the energy controlling features of an inverter AC; they need to be reliable and modern technology. Secondly, your budget will decide the value of money for an inverter AC.

The last three things that most buyers will not care about are the air throw and anti-corrosive features. Those AC units that are not made up of 100 percent copper pipes are vulnerable.

Last but not least, is the trending Wi-Fi inbuilt smart control. To keep a check on your AC consumption from anywhere in the world, you need a user-friendly interface. Buying an AC is not a piece of cake until you have gathered enough knowledge about all the available options. Otherwise, you may get the worst for the best price, So, start your research now.

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